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ONGLYZA is proven to lower A1C levels

One of the goals of managing type 2 diabetes is lowering your A1C level to a healthy number. ONGLYZA has been tested in multiple clinical studies in which adult patients also took another type 2 diabetes medication. In all of these studies, once-daily ONGLYZA, in addition to diet and exercise, was shown to lower A1C levels.

One 24-week clinical study involved 743 adult patients with type 2 diabetes whose blood sugar was not controlled enough by taking metformin immediate release (IR) alone. Of these patients, 564 were given ONGLYZA plus metformin IR and 179 patients were given a placebo plus metformin IR.

The patients started the study with an A1C of 8.1%, on average. After 24 weeks, results showed significant A1C reductions in patients who took ONGLYZA plus metformin IR versus placebo plus metformin IR.

After 24 weeks, more patients who took ONGLYZA plus metformin IR versus placebo plus metformin IR achieved an A1C goal of less than 7%.**Your results may vary.

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